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2020.11.28 01:17 szakhia Being a bi black girl is weird--a rant

Sooo... I don't know how many black folks are in this sub (a lot of the pictures on here are of white folk) so I don't know how many people will actually care about this, but I need to get this off my chest, so here we go.
Being a black Ghanaian girl made realizing I was bi super difficult because there's basically no representation of bipoc LGBT women at all. And when there is representation, they're almost always lighter skinned and have European features. All of this has just made it really difficult for me and other bipoc women to feel like they have a space in the LGBT community. Every bi girl TikTok compilation I see is 99% white and has one or two black girls thrown in there just for spice. I don't know if it's because there just aren't as many bi black girls on TikTok or if they're just harder to come by, but it just makes me feel like I don't belong in this community, and also like I won't ever get a partner because the LGBT community seems that it doesn't think that black and brown women are as cute, quirky, or worthy of being uplifted as white women. I'm sure for non-bipoc people (or even bipoc people who don't feel left out by the community) this just seems like a black girl crying because she doesn't get any attention (which is partially true), but I feel like it's part of a broader problem in the community as a whole.
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2020.11.28 00:43 privategirl100 I feel like I just cannot compete with white girls in the dating world.

First I live in Australia,which is pretty white,I’ve only ever known white communities,I’ve never had any sort of ethnic friends.Im European,black and a little Asian.I really look pretty white/pale Latin compared to most mixed girls,but you know I am still seen as a sort of Latina.I would say I’m a 7 in terms of beauty.Very nice figure too.But always,throughout university,high school etc with liking the same guy,my white friend would be chosen over me every time.I mean I cannot fault this,obviously if you are white you are going to be attracted to your own people.I naturally being mostly white am going to be attracted to that too,even if I look Latin.My father is white,he adored me and was first understanding of love,so naturally I will equate love with white men too.
When I was on a dating site (okcupid) I got plenty of messages but none from people I had anything in common with,or were artsy/intelligent/creative like me.But wouldn’t you know it as soon as I changed my pic,just for the day into a very average white girl,who I thought I was prettier than,same profile.Well she got triple the messages,and the guys 100 percent what I was looking for and with everything in common with me,detailed messages and profiles.I realised pretty much then it was the Latina look that was the problem.How people perceive people that look like that.
I’m not sure what to do,it’s not that I’m exclusively attracted to white men,I adore East Asian guys a lot,I love black guys,but they all seem to be going for white blonde girls.Even this guy I met recently he was just absolutely everything in common with me,we talked all the time for months,deep conversations etc.He chose some white blonde chick,who is unable to even converse about anything with him.Like has no interests,no personality etc.The white blonde chick is pretty much the standard with all Aussie guys.
I mean I like being mixed,I think it’s a unique,striking,sexual look but it seems like I’m always going to be second choice.I cannot even imagine what it’s like for black women.
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2020.11.28 00:35 Training_Background7 Typing my novel’s villain protagonist

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2020.11.28 00:09 yacayc Photography / snail mail / Worldwide

I've started photographic penpaling with a few people a month ago (here is the original message)
Although the first exchanges are truly great and make me "work" my photography again, I feel that all my current penpals share the same profile: young american/european women.
Even if I have nothing against that, I would love a little more geographic/age/gender variety.
Soooo if you're from Australia, Japan, New Zealand or any other country and willing to exchange printed pictures through snailmail, please feel free to DM me.
PS : I'm looking only for one or tow new penpals (as I don't want to exeed a maximum of 6 or 7 to be able to give the deserve attention to each of them)
PPS : If you're one of my initial photographic penpal and you're reading this message, thank you a lot, it's thanks to you and your caring approach that I feel confident to continue this experiment <3 (and of course I won't stop our current exchanges ;) )
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2020.11.27 23:49 uspecific Discussion about the problems women face and the state of feminism in Europe

Hello everyone!
The motivation behind this sub is to have conversations about feminist issues in Europe, including the problems women face and the state of the feminist movement.
My first set of questions:
For a bit of context about Europe for non-Europeans:
A couple of areas where I see differences between the EU and the US (I'm speaking from a Hungarian point of view and feel free to correct me if my perception is not correct):
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2020.11.27 20:36 pregadorchuck The Borgia Bloodline

The Borgia Bloodline
Cesare Borgia, Spanish by origins, instead of Italian, who modeled for the portraits in the Catholic Christ, murdered his own dad, brother and brother in law. Yet Catholics worldwide bow to his IMAGE.
Cesare Borgia was the oldest son of Rodrigo with one of his mistresses, born an illegitimate child. He was an Italian politician and condottiero (mercenary). Cesare Borgia briefly employed Leonardo da Vinci as military architect and engineer between 1502 and 1503. Da Vinci and Michelangelo were given a competition of sorts to come up with a more European looking Christ. Da Vinci won this competition by using the image of Cesare. So it is specifically Da Vinci's version of Christ that is supposedly in the image of Cesare. When you visit Rome, your eyes will be feasting on the beauty of Borgia. People have been worshiping one of the images of the beast for many centuries since Renaissance.
Rodrigo Borgia (Nepotism appointment) Born in Spain, Rodrigo Borgia (1431–1503) studied law in Bologna. The advent of his uncle Alfonso as pope boded well for the young Rodrigo, who was quickly made a cardinal. Despite being a man of the cloth, he had longstanding affairs with two women, Vanozza Catanei and then Giulia Farnese, both of whom had children by him and had marriages of convenience. Rodrigo’s relationship with Farnese caused especial scandal because he installed her in a palace adjacent to the Vatican to ensure his clandestine visits to her were conducted with ease. Rodrigo also used his influence to make Farnese’s brother Alessandro a cardinal. As well as the children he sired with Catanei and Farnese, he had four others by different women.
Rodrigo Borgia lavished attention on his four children by Catanei. He advanced their positions in society via marriage, and gave them land and titles. Rodrigo presided over the papacy at a time when he had to juggle the ambitions of France and Spain, as well as those of barons and kings within Italy when the fiefdoms of Milan, Naples, Venice, Florence, Ferrara and Sienna were rivals. Rodrigo has been viewed as a despot because of his attempts to increase the power of the Papal States and crush that of the feudal nobility. A patron of the arts, he commissioned works by leading artists of the day including Raphael and Michelangelo. A canny administrator with a love of extravagant ceremony, Rodrigo became one of the wealthiest men of his time, yet he was also denounced for papal abuses and suspected of simony – selling ecclesiastical benefices for money. He died at the Vatican and his body decomposed so fast that some suspected he had been poisoned, possibly by his son Cesare, although historians have suggested the most likely cause of death was malaria.
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2020.11.27 15:46 htshtdudhfhrahyiu UEFA European Women's Championship - Germany vs Greece is not listed anywhere

I'm a noob and I would like to know that is it common that betting website don't list a match because the winner is so obvious (in this case if Germany plays with 7 players, they can still win) or it is not listed because it is not a match from popular leagues like Premier League or La Liga?
Thank you
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2020.11.27 12:01 autotldr The Native People of This Country Helped to Rescue America From Its Worst Instincts

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 50%. (I'm a bot)
On the floor of the House of Representatives, directly below where I was sitting, Rep. Deb Haaland and Rep. Sharice Davids fell into an embrace, two Native women becoming members of a political institution that had done so much damage to their people since the first European tripped over a rock and fell into the surf on the coast of Massachusetts.
For all the talk about white suburbanites and embarrassed Republicans, no group contributed more-or overcame as much-as regards the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than did the Indigenous People of this country.
"This was an untapped resource in the voting population," says Dee Sweet, who worked with Wisconsin Native Vote to get Indigenous people to vote in the 2020 election.
"Native people, when they believe in you, when they trust you, when they feel you are telling them the truth and you are going to work on their behalf, they will come out in droves."And they did, and watching their votes roll in moved me the same way that the scene in the House chamber had. It is incomprehensible to me, given the genocidal history that the U.S. government has with this continent's Native people, that any of them would enthusiastically participate in its institutions or in the ceremonies that mark its national political life.
The country's history is complicated, and some strains in it are dark and bloody, and those strains that are dark and bloody reach into almost every part of the country's history.
The Native people of this continent rose up and helped correct this most grievous mistake, to curb for the moment the rise of those dark and bloody strains of our history that have so often made those people their victims.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: people#1 country#2 history#3 Native#4 Vote#5
Post found in /politics.
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2020.11.27 11:15 C-O-S-M-O I am homophobic, and I have no idea why

So, I am a 16 year old white European male. And I am a homophobe. First off, I obviously know that lgbt is perfectly natural, safe, and moral. I know that it’s involuntary, and I am doing my darnedest to suppress any and all homophobic feelings. But I do have homophobic feelings, and I honestly have no idea why. I was raised with a progressive family, and I identify as a progressive myself. Every one of them (except for my dad) is openly part of the left, including me, and they have never even hinted at any sort of repulsion to lgbt people. But I seem to be the exception. When I think of two men being intimate, I am repulsed. When I think of two men being attracted to each other, I am repulsed. Although I am more okay with the idea of lesbians, they still make me uncomfortable, and I feel extremely uncomfortable with transsexuals, men and women. There’s a girl in my school who is transsexual, and I can’t even look her in the eye. I’m not religious, and I’m even a bit bisexual myself, although I still identify as straight. I have been decently active with lgbt online, so I haven’t been sheltered in any way. I don’t use gay slurs, and my community isn’t particularly homophobic either. I’m mostly just confused. It feels like I should be the least homophobic person I know, but I’m not. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can stop?
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2020.11.27 08:36 finnagains Ann Coulter: Have a Historically Accurate Thanksgiving!

As every public school child knows, the first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, when our Pilgrim forefathers took a break from slaughtering Peaceful, Environmentally Friendly, Indigenous Peoples to invite them to dinner in order to infect them with smallpox, before embarking on their mission to fry the planet so that the world would end on Jan. 22, 2031. (Copyright: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
Consider this description of the Pilgrims’ treatment of the Indigenous peoples:
“They were the worst of conquerors. Inordinate pride, the lust of blood and dominion, were the mainsprings of their warfare; and their victories were strained with every excess of savage passion.”
Except that’s not a description of the Pilgrims’ treatment of Indigenous peoples. It’s a description of some Indigenous people’s treatment of other Indigenous peoples, written by the late Francis Parkman, Harvard professor and the world’s foremost Indian scholar.
The Wampanoag, who joined the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, had a lot to celebrate. Contrary to Hollywood’s American-hating rendition of “Pocahontas,” in which the Indians feared the “White Demons,” the Wampanoag were thrilled with their well-armed white allies, who helped them repel the hated Iroquois and Narragansett.
The whole reason the Wampanoag were clustered so close to the coast where the Pilgrims encountered them was that the Iroquois had “pursued them with an inveterate enmity. Some (Wampanoag) paid yearly tribute to their tyrants, while others were still subject to their inroads, flying in terror at the sound of the Mohawk war-cry.”
Parkman describes a typical Iroquois celebration following one of their attacks on their fellow “Native Americans” (an absurd term, inasmuch as no Indians were “native” to America because there was no “America” until white Europeans got here and created it):
“(M)en, women and children, yelling like fiends let loose, swarmed out of the narrow portal, to visit upon the captives a foretaste of the deadlier torments in store for them … (W)ith brandished torch and firebrand, the frenzied multitude closed around their victim. The pen shrinks to write, the heart sickens to conceive, the fierceness of (the captive’s) agony … The work was done, the blackened trunk was flung to the dogs, and, with clamorous shouts and hootings, the murderers sought to drive away the spirit of their victim.”
The Iroquois “reckoned these barbarities among their most exquisite enjoyments.”
Here’s another charming Iroquois practice:
After killing “a sufficient number of captives,” Parkman says, the Iroquois “spared the lives of the remainder, and adopted them as members of their confederated tribes, separating wives from husbands, and children from parents, and distributing them among different villages, in order that old ties and associations might be more completely broken up.”
And for the feminists: The Iroquois humiliated conquered tribes by making the men take women’s names.
Because of the Iroquois’ barbaric attacks, by the time the Pilgrims arrived, “Northern New Hampshire, the whole of Vermont, and Western Massachusetts had no human tenants but the roving hunter or prowling warrior.”
Hollywood’s “White Demons” were “White Saviors” to the Wampanoag.
The Pilgrims also had much to be thankful for on that first Thanksgiving. Of the approximately 100 passengers on the Mayflower, only half survived the first winter, felled by scurvy, malnutrition and the bitter cold. And the ones who made it did so largely thanks to the friendly Wampanoag, who shared their food with the Europeans and taught them how to till the land.
The woke version of American Indians makes them just another victim group, like the transgenders. Their honor and bravery is drained from the PC stories. To better smear our country, Indians have to be made big, fat losers.
The truth told by Parkman shows the savagery and superstition, but also the courage and honor of American Indians. The Hurons, for example, “held it disgraceful to turn from the face of an enemy,” and even when being tortured alive, a Huron would raise his voice in “scorn and defiance.”
Doesn’t anyone wonder why we name our sports teams and military armaments after Indians? We don’t name them after weaklings or whiners. Americans love to boast of having Indian blood, real or imagined — and not just to score a professorship at Harvard like Elizabeth Warren.
Real Americans honor Indians and also honor the courageous European settlers who brought Christian civilization to a continent, a miraculous union that we celebrate on this wonderful holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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2020.11.27 08:28 Googlymillions10000 European Women of Legal Tech Winners - The Full List

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2020.11.27 04:05 DropDeadTyrant I am a HUGE WEIRDO

I just want to listen to some music and pace. But there’s no where to pace here. I cannot wait until Sunday when I can have my entire dorm to pace and talk to myself. Listen to my new music playlist and ply some games. Get another redbull 7 shots of espresso mix. Really get pumped. I’m horny as hell right now. I just want to masturbate. Why is prostitution illegal in the states? I wouldn’t be buying porn, I’d be paying some prostitute for the real deal. I hate America so fucking much. Next semester still going to be online, no chance to meet women again. No clubs. No nothing. Just me and whatever little nerds are taking online classes.
If I had a home, I would’ve literally skipped the next three semesters to work and get some things I need/want. I want a new phone, an aux cord for my car, a new charger, cologne, an umbrella, a new pen, a Jean jacket, a watch, a new notepad, and some hot sauce. My bank keeps sending me statements about my PayPal payments to european women. I think the last one was telling me to call them. But I’m not calling to talk about my fucking porn addiction. The fuck do I look like I’m going to explain why $1000 disappeared into the account of some Italian girl. It is what it looks like. Stop sending me fucking mail asking about these damn payments. Main reason I want a job too. Just so the bank can stop sending me statements with a lists of every porn site I’ve bought from.
Fucking shit. I hate the bank and I hate that it’s another Black Friday I have no money to buy anything.
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2020.11.27 01:00 thetruerealog Do you realise most people are child free?

Just a few months ago in my country they had this new law where fathers get the same amount of paternity leave as mothers. And I follow the news of other European countries and they are constantly creating new laws and more benefits for having kids. In some countries they even pay you to have them. That's because people aren't having enough kids. Just this morning I heard a debate in letting more immigrants in the country because we tend to have more kids.
And now talking more about what I've seen personally: when talking to people my age (22) I would say 40% don't want kids. And then the others say that it depends or don't know yet. Only a few people say their dream is to become a mom/dad. I'm kinda in the second group. I have no idea yet on what to do with my life.
And also a lot of my coworker's in their 30s don't have kids. It's either because salaries in our country are too low, they don't like them or they feel it's unethical to have a kid for how hard things are going to be, they like traveling and can't afford both things.or whatever. None questions people on having or not having kids because that's normal at this point. I mean obviously I don't know what their families talk about or if they insist or whatever. But my point is that it's normal not having kids.
That's why I feel like I never can relate to most of the stories here. People don't question me if I tell them I'm probably not having kids, they don't question married couples.. I don't know. Is it as bad as you make it seem?
Edit: maybe I didn't say this properly. But I'm just pointing out that in the two countries where I've been living most people don't want kids for the reasons I agree said. And I can't relate to most posts here. I never said the struggles people may have in other countries aren't real. That's why I'm asking.
Edit 2: people keep contradicting me. There is literally data and surveys on most people not wanting to have kids or not being sure (people in their 20s and 30s). I think my post is half anecdotal. I and the people around me haven't been bothered about being child free. But idk what other people experience even inside my country. But the part where I say most people don't want kids is not anecdotal there is literally data and surveys on it. And sorry if I sounded rude but that wasn't my intention. I was curious to know if things are that different in other countries.
A lot of people keep getting defensive. If you like to think that you're an oppressed minority or something like that them go ahead. I just think that's a toxic mindset. I thought you would be glad to learn more people are adhering to this lifestyle. But no. I guess some of you (not all) really like to be the oppressed minority even if you complain. Because I understand in some countries it is like this. But I thought you would be glad that in some countries things are changing and thia trend will probably expand to other countries. But you seem defensive? I don't get it honestly. That's why for some people this community may seem toxic at first sight.
Anyways for people who were as long about ✨data and sources✨ here is one that I just found: Almost half of the homes in Spain (home=family) are formed by single people are couples without kids. It also talks about single parents with kids. But I guess you could ignore that.
I also found another study saying 35% of women in their 40s don't have children. And 80% between the ages of 25/29 don't have kids. After the 40s the number for men is around 49%. But as I said it's normal in the country where I live. "Classic" families are 4/10 in Spain. Obviously then there are the single parents. If a single parent has a kid but the kid lives with the other parent they still count them as single parent if they have shared costudy.
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2020.11.27 00:52 roseblossom00 I think I have issues... not sure if this is the right sub to post about it but I would appreciate some advice, as stupid as my story is. Thank you.

I'm a European Student in my mid-20s
So there's someone online that really caught my eye, we around the same age. But they're miles away. in another Continent. I've been thinking about them for a good year and a half. There's something that pulls me towards them, idk if it's mental illness or my intuition tbh.
At first I've sent a follow request on Instagram, but they accepted, so I was able to observe that we have lots of things in common. Keep in mind that I don't have any pics on Instagram, because I keep it low cause I'm ugly and out of shape, I'm working to be more appealing but it takes forever.
After a couple of months I've been thinking about them, I've decided to add them on Facebook (I've have pics and everything on facebook). They accepted the request without any hesitation and I wondering why they accepted the request so easily, keep in mind that we have no mutual friends in common. I decided to throw a conversation since we have things in common and it kind of worked, they reacted positively, we have exchange a brief couple of messages. They mostly react with a heart emoji to my messages.
Keep in mind that I'm aware of the situation and I'm taking it really slow, I know that a person may differ online a lot than in real life , a reaction with a heart emoji doesn't mean anything neither the fact that they accepted my request, I try to take it as slow as I can and I have no intentions to explode on him online, don't wanna end up like those awkward stories with Indian men asking for marriage online from European women.
But damn. I feel I'm too ugly for them. From one side I want to keep them on hold on until I become perfect but on the other side... life's too short and it takes forever to change... If it feels like one chance in a million and I have to be extra careful with it... I really need some advice here... I think about them most of the time and I think I have issues...

TLDR; There's someone miles away that really caught my eye and I've been thinking about them ever since (a long time) and they accepted my friend request on Facebook and we had exchanged some text messages, but not sure if they'd go away once they learn the truth. What should I do?
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2020.11.27 00:25 Flashy_Possibility_5 Another (relatable?) rant

Hi guys,
I quite dislike how most/some (naive) westerners/Americans/Europeans quite romanticize the strong family bonds in Islamic cultures.😭
Most of us have suffered from mental/emotional/psychological and physical abuse by immediate family members.
Most of us cannot leave due to financial dependence. Most of us cannot leave due to unconditional love, which, ironically, our families do not offer because the love their prophet more. Most of us have severe depression due to toxicity of some family members. Most of us are extremely fragile due to anxiety caused by family.
What is your opinion on this topic?
My western friends often told me that they envy Islamic cultures due to the tight bonds in their families.
Edit: Many dreams were/are also shattered due to limitation/constraints set by family members (based on religion); especially for women. Therefore I also criticize postings on social media like (family first etc.) which send wrong signals imo.
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2020.11.26 21:55 717zackattack They Mess with Me in my Dreams

It felt slimy. I laid in a bathtub filled with a warm viscous liquid. I was older, much older. The atmosphere was that of a short horror film. I was in an attic lit by a small oil lamp on the floor not too far away from where I way laying. On the other side of the lamp stood a German Sheppard who felt familiar. The walls and floors were made of gray, deteriorating wooden planks. I stood up and got out of the tub, covered in that warm slimy liquid with what felt like little grainy chunks all over. I walked to the stairs and down into the main floor hallway, staring at the screen door that was illuminated by daylight. I walked outside, the dog following, and I sat on the concrete steps that met me the moment I was outside. I stared. I was warm. I stared. I sat. I stared.

I woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and I could just feel the liquid that drenched me in the dream I'd just awoken from. I felt eerie and odd, a feeling that stuck around with me for the rest of the day.

I just finished my final exams for university and was stuck at home with the rest of my family. It was also near the beginning of the self isolation the world was being put through, and I therefore had the day to spend with indoors with myself. Nothing out of the ordinary happening of course, just binging another show on Netflix and wasting hours away watching any YouTube video that caught my attention. Before I knew it, the sun was long set and it was time to go back to sleep.

I was laying in my bed, looking at my open door which was at the end of the wall that was just left of me. The light from the hallway was gleaming through my dark room and hitting the the wall that faced the opposite side of the room. I saw a figure walking towards my door, and it sounded like it was trying to walk as quietly as it could, so to not alarm me. The figure took one step into my room, and then stopped as it stared at the ground in front of its feet. The figure looked as though someone put themselves into one of those giant teddy bears, so, in my dream-like state, my brain thought it was my younger brother trying to spook me as I slept. I decided to play along and pretend to sleep until the last second when I would jump out at him and scare him instead.
The bear turned his head from the ground and looked in my direction. It walked over to me ever so slowly. The anticipation was building inside my body as I was becoming almost giddy at the idea of turning my brother's plan on its head. The bear was now right beside my bed, staring at me. I couldn't help but smile I was so giddy. I tried to jump out at him, but I couldn't move. The bear slowly reached out its hand until it was touching my chest. The moment that thing made contact with me, I was filled with the worst feeling of terror I have ever experienced in my life.

I woke up immediately but the lasting feeling of horror and panic was still there. It took a moment to calm down and collect myself and I didn't sleep for the rest of that night.

The same eerie and odd feeling from the previous day once again lasted all throughout this day. I returned to my daily routine of binging shows and watching videos until it again was dark and time for bed. I was very anxious about falling asleep again due to the previous two nights' vivid dream sessions, but eventually I got too tired and just couldn't put it off anymore.

I was watching a black Cadillac SUV drive through a desert where there was sand as far as the eye could see. I wasn't in the vehicle, but rather watching it as though this were a movie. It eventually got to this building which looked like a real life castle at the end of a Super Mario level. It was surrounded by a sandstone like wall which had a barbed wired fence on top of it. However, woven within the metal barbs of the fence were mutilated corpses of women, sitting there like some sort of morbid trophies. They looked almost like zombies off of the Walking Dead, except these women weren't dead. Their heads turned and watched the black SUV as it drove into the property.

I returned to my own perspective. I was in an old European village with a cobblestone road and candle-lit street lamps. I rushed into a building and the moment I closed the door, bullets were shooting through the walls. There were women inside the building, some shooting arrows by crossbow out the window in an attempt to hit the mysterious shooters. One woman was cowering and told me how she didn't want to end up like them. Immediately my mind knew what she was talking about. She didn't want to be captured and strung up onto that disgusting fence that surrounded the building in the desert.

I woke up, felling more confused and concerned than afraid. When morning came, I continued my daily routine, except I decided to make up for lost sleep by taking an afternoon nap. Maybe things will be different since it's during the day, is what I hoped.

I couldn't see anything. I couldn't move. Although, I was standing up. In the distance I could hear what sounded like people talking together, but in a foreign language. This language didn't sound like anything human though. It sounded like various deep whistling noises, as though wind was being blown through large pipes and noises were escaping it. One noise was made, another noise responded. I had a deep feeling in the back of my head of a sort of understanding of what they were saying. My mind wasn't translating the words into English, it was more that I knew what they were saying. They were having a discussion, as if they were in some sort of meeting. They were brainstorming.
I felt a small, wrinkled hand lightly drag across my bare chest, still hearing the noises talking in the distance. The hand didn't make me afraid, it didn't make me feel anything really. I just stood there, listening.
Eventually it got quiet. The silence became deafening. Now I started to panic.
What seemed like a thousand, tiny hands began gripping at my feet, fighting with each other just to make contact with my skin. The atmosphere was hostile, but not towards me. They were competing. The hands slowly moved their way up my legs, to my torso, down my arms, all until they reached my neck. My body was now covered in tiny hands which kept fighting to make contact with me. Instead of moving up my head, they began gripping me. Harder and harder. All over. I was in agony.

Once again I woke up, this time in sheer amounts of pain all over the surface of my body. I reached for my phone to check the time and it was 7 AM the next morning. I felt physically and mentally exhausted, completely drained of any energy. It took almost five hours for me to gain enough power to even leave my bed I was so devoid of energy. At this point in time, I was terrified to ever sleep again.

I spent the next 2 days living off of coffee and energy drinks as I tried looking up anything on the internet that could help me or even explain what was going on. Ultimately, it was just a few vivid nightmares, no marks or physical injuries, so there wasn't much else I could find other than pseudoscience or 'natural remedies' to have better sleep. I was lost.

By the third day, it got to a point where caffeine just wasn't doing anything anymore and my body couldn't take the lack of sleep. I just collapsed on the couch.

Once again everything was dark, but this time the atmosphere had a feeling of satisfaction. I couldn't see but I knew those things from last time were around me. Staring. They were the ones who were satisfied. Everything stayed quiet, unchanging for what seemed like an eternity.

I woke up feeling relief. Like a weight was lifted from my chest. I was asleep for a good 8 hours and I actually felt well rested.

It hasn't been that long since I've had those dreams, but I know that the things that caused those horrific feelings will be back again eventually.
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2020.11.26 20:20 BWithGeneral What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

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2020.11.26 19:46 gwilkes0585 Reviews of 21 scents from various houses...BATTLE STYLE! (Gingerbreads, Vanillas, White Ambers, Marshmallows, and Cozies)

Hey, all! These warm, cozy, foodie fall and winter scents are just too much temptation, so I thought it might be helpful to give you a comparison of similar scents I've tried from different houses for the sake of comparison. For fun, I did it battle style and named my favorite at the end of each section. I'll be comparing scents with the following dominant notes:
My tastes, for reference: I love vanillic, woody, white/golden amber, and spicy notes. Anything skin-but-better is my jam, and I have a massive soft spot for fall/winter gourmands. I'm warming up to resinous scents very, very slowly. Honey goes gross on me 99% of the time, and I stay away from dirt/earth/soil, strong musks, black ambers, strong resins, patchouli, and incense-forward scents.

Only one will compel me to decapitate an innocent cookie, but which will it be?

Alkemia Hexenhauschen
Description: A gingerbread house redolent of cinnamon, clove, cassia, tart lemon peel, black treacle syrup, nestled in an enchanted forest of balsam pine, cedarwood, juniper, and sweet balsam.
Review: Oohhh, spicy gingerbread with lots of molasses. I have a soft spot for a good treacle note, and this one has it. The lemon comes through pretty quickly, which makes me sad because even though it makes the scent “balanced” and “realistic,” I just want to smell like the inside of a gingerbread man. If you don’t mind a hint of lemon, though, this is a very true-to-life, toasty gingerbread scent.
Who do I imagine wearing this? She chops her own firewood and builds badass gingerbread castles
FS, DS, or KS? FSed before I realized lemon is my nemesis

Arcana Gingerbread (Layering Note)
Description: The very essence of coziness. The vivid warmth of luxe golden ginger, gingerbread, warm ginger cookies, and delicately piped icing.
Review: In the bottle, Gingerbread is mellow. It’s a baked, solely ginger-driven version of the treat; I actually don’t even get the icing note in this scent. On the skin, it starts as warm ginger, but after drydown, a strange citrus note comes bursting out like the Kool-Aid Man. I can’t explain it, y’all-- I’m just reporting it. To be fair, I have now tried both a newer version of Gingerbread and an aged version, and the aged version is much better and more nuanced, but I eventually get citrus from both.
Who do I imagine wearing this? Your boss who wants to be seasonal but inoffensively so
FS, DS, or KS? KS

Hexennacht Gingerdead Man
Description: spectral-like swirls of marshmallow goo and snappy, spicy gingerbread
Review: The spice thwaps you in the nose right off the bat with just a hint of sweetness barely rounding it out. However, as soon as Gingerdead Man’s on the skin, the marshmallow note starts coming through as a toasty sweetness that evens out that spice really nicely. This trend continues into drydown and throughout wear, and it ends up smelling like you’re taking a big ol’ whiff of one of Grandma’s frosting-covered gingerbread men.
Who do I imagine wearing this? A person who looks unfairly amazing in ugly Christmas sweaters
FS, DS, or KS? FS

Possets Gingerbread Whorehouse
Description: This is European Gingerbread given an American Cajun jolt with the spices: ginger, black pepper (!), clove, cinnamon, coriander, and a kiss of pink pepper. Sweet, foody, gourmand, spicy.
Review: In the bottle, this smells like the perfect gingerbread dough-- spicy, a tiny bit sweet, and complex. Wet on the skin, it keeps that spiciness and complexity (which spice am I smelling?!). HOWEVER, the drydown is...less exciting. It’s not bad, and if you want a subtle gingerbread scent, this one is for you. On me, though, it becomes almost soapy over time, which I think may be the coriander. Interestingly, this scent hasn’t always morphed on my skin.
Who do I imagine wearing this? Your friend who giggles at the name because she’s a thirteen year-old in a thirty-something body (and that’s why you like her)
FS, DS, or KS? KS

Solstice Scents Dark Ginger Spicecake
Description: Gingerbread, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar, Amber, Benzoin.
Review: I’m very particular about patchouli, in that I hate it. I’m open-minded enough in my loathing to try it when it’s a house I trust and a note that is more of a supporting cast member than the star of the show. In Dark Ginger Spicecake, the patch is definitively secondary to the gingerbread and vetiver when the oil is wet. The scent goes on very much as a dry gingerbread, but after drydown, it gets a tiny bit musty, I’m guessing from some combination of the vetiver and patch. Not as sweet as the name implies, fwiw.
Who do I imagine wearing this? The coworker who explains winter solstice so beautifully that you immediately find a Happy Yuletide card on Etsy to give them
FS, DS, or KS? KS

***THE WINNER IS...Hexennacht Gingerdead Man**\*

In a sea of basic beans, these scents stand out as unique takes on vanilla, but which is worth FSing?

Alkemia Vanille Amour
Description: A beguilingly spicy, delightfully sexy blend of Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas and Tonka in with a warm melange of ancient Ottoman trade spices including cardamon, ginger, and Grains of Paradise.
Review: Whenever I smell this, I think “Christmas vanilla.” It’s a wonderfully spiced vanilla that is distinctly warm and leans almost a little waxy. It’s not really foodie--almost a candlemaker’s version of gourmand. A word of warning to anyone interested in Vanille Amour: Do not go with the ultime strength unless you *want* the waxiness to be exacerbated. I had to DS the FS I got in the stronger version because it was less “sexy vanilla oil” and more “spicy vanilla candle.“ On the other hand, if you love Alkemia’s Luminae, you’d probably prefer that extra waxiness.
Who do I imagine wearing this? They are all-American sexy but 100% own at least three pieces of leather clothing. Take that as you will.
FS, DS, or KS? FS

Arcana Rich Vanilla (Layering Note)
Description: A deep, rich gourmand scent laced with French creme and dark Madagascar vanilla extract.
Review: Both in the bottle and on the skin, this is a golden, buttery vanilla. There is no airy vanilla bean or sugary sweet vanilla frosting; the closest foodie comparison I can make is actually sweetened condensed milk, but even that lacks the butter note. It smells the same in the bottle as on the skin to me, and it is long-lasting and doesn’t really change over the hours.
Who do I imagine wearing this? They wear sequins unironically from November to January and look fabulous
FS, DS, or KS? FS

Hexennacht Spectre
Description: vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla. NO bakery/caramel notes.
Review: Dry vanilla. That’s it. Like Rich Vanilla, it smells pretty much the same on the skin as in the bottle, but unlike the Arcana scent, Spectre isn’t super long-lasting on my skin. It’s a foodier version of Apparition, and tbh, I prefer Apparition. It’s not at all BAD, just not worth FSing when there are so many other options for interesting vanillas and Apparition fills that subtle layering note so nicely.
Who do I imagine wearing this? This is gonna sound crazy, but I imagine a figurehead royal who spends their days doing humanitarian work wearing this scent as a sweet/not-too-sweet, vanilla/not-too-vanilla fragrance. I’m not saying Meghan Markle wears Spectre, but what if she did???
FS, DS, or KS? KS

***THE WINNER IS...Arcana Rich Vanilla**\*

They all make big promises about imbuing the wearer with haunting beauty, but which will make you the ethereal-est?

Alkemia Ghost Fire
Description: A preternaturally beautiful blend of ethereal white ambers
Review: White amber is one of my favorite notes, so I’m immediately biased. “Ethereal” is a good word for this, as it’s one of those scents that creates an aura of goodness around you. Ghost Fire leans to the sweeter side of white amber but has decent throw for what is ostensibly a skin-but-better scent. My only complaint is that after two to three hours of wear, it starts to go a little aquatic or melon on me.
Who do I imagine wearing this? A person who has actual handkerchiefs instead of those tiny packages of Kleenex like the rest of us heathens
FS, DS, or KS? KS

Hexennacht Ambre Blanc (solinote)
Description: white amber
Review: The scent is as-advertised: It’s a white amber. It’s a nice white amber-- not too sweet, doesn’t go aquatic.
Who do I imagine wearing this?
FS, DS, or KS? KS

Hexennacht Apparition
Description: spectral amber, alabaster vanilla, bone-white woods
Review: So, this is definitely white amber dominant, but the vanilla and wood notes tone it down quite a bit. Apparition can be worn alone, but I get the impression it is geared more toward layering because it is extremely subtle. I actually do like Apparition alone, though; it wears very close to the skin, gives that “I’m just a person who naturally smells good” impression, and is well-blended. The scent fades relatively quickly on my skin, and I do wish it had a bit more throw.
Who do I imagine wearing this? A gym studio owner who is aiming for inclusivity instead of “middle school gym class”
FS, DS, or KS? KS, consider FS for layering
NAVA Eternal Ankh
Description: White Amber, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, African White Vanilla and the scent of soft Egyptian Sands.
Review: Subtle white amber that leans dry and has hints of vanilla. If NAVA tends to wear heavy on you, try Eternal Ankh; it is one of the most perfect skin-but-better scents and doesn’t seem to lean either cool or warm. It lasts for quite a while without reapplication and wears close to the skin.
Who do I imagine wearing this? A person who is perpetually unbothered. Cut off in traffic? Keeps singing along to the radio. Long wait for an oil change? Good thing they have all of these awesome podcasts to listen to.
FS, DS, or KS? FS

***THE WINNER IS...NAVA Eternal Ankh**\*

Marshmallow often softens rougher scents as a sidekick, but what about when it goes rogue?

Alpha Musk Marshmallow Musk
Description: Fluffy marshmallow, dried marshmallow minis, touch of caramel covered marshmallows, over a warm soft golden vanilla musk
Review: Melty, caramel marshmallows that eventually fade to vanilla musk. There’s no powderiness, which was a relief. This is legit marshmallows and caramel-- not much more to note here. Needless to say, this is SWEET.
Who do I imagine wearing this? She was the most popular girl in 9th grade, and now she’s the most popular girl in her sorority.
FS, KS, or DS? KS for now

Arcana Marshmallow LN
Description: The scent of a soft, fluffy, vanilla-infused marshmallow.
Review: Huh. Well. It’s a marshmallow. Oh, that’s not helpful? I suppose the best I can do here is comparing smelling this marshmallow layering note to taking an actual puffy marshmallow out of a bag and taking a whiff. It is powdery, vaguely sweet, and pretty faint. I can barely smell it on my skin.
Who do I imagine wearing this? A little girl who really, really, really, wants to wear perfume, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE???
FS, DS, or KS? KS

Hexennacht Zozimus
Description: fresh floofy marshmallow fluff
Review: I’ve waxed poetic about Hex’s marshmallow note in reviews many times before. Imagine my surprise when I was told there was a marshmallow solinote in the general catalog all along. C’est la vie. Zozimus is sweet but not cloying, a touch musky but not overwhelmingly so, a teensy bit toasted but not remotely caramel, and surprisingly long-lasting for such a sweet note. It does occasionally have a sharp edge that borders on powdesoap if I overapply, but I’m not sure what causes that.
Who do I imagine wearing this? Someone who wears big black boots some days and ballet flats others; they are both alluring and confounding
FS, DS, or KS? FS

***THE WINNER IS...Hexennacht Zozimus**\*

Everyone loves a good blanket or sweater on a cold winter night, but whose smells the best?

Cocoa Pink Cozy Blanket
Description: Fresh vanilla notes kissed with black vanilla bean, bourbon vanilla, sweet creamy vanilla, amber white with delicate hints of white sandalwood and aged patchouli.
Review: I withheld my natural distrust of patch because it was listed last and reviews said the scent was too well-blended to pick out the patchouli as a distinct note. I’m glad I didn’t rule out Cozy Blanket because it’s a great scent overall. It starts out as a sweet but not too-sweet vanilla with bits of creamy sandalwood. You can get a hint of something that smells musty-but-clean in the bottle, and that vibe comes through more after drydown. Imagine you’re wearing a beautiful vanilla and sandalwood perfume; then, you wrap yourself in a clean blanket that has been in the closet for a year. That’s this scent.
Who do I imagine wearing this? All of us in November 2020
FS, KS, or DS? KS

Death and Floral Cardigan
Description: Bergamot and spiced cardamom blended with Egyptian musk superior and sandalwood
Review: This is not a cardigan. I don’t mean to be contrary (yesIdo), but I would like to request a name change. The bergamot and cardamom are sharp and distinct, and the Egyption musk is just as musky as you would imagine. The sandalwood is lost, though I’m guessing it’s what smooths the scent out enough that it is wearable.
Who do I imagine wearing this? They make their own soap and thus always smell like said soap
FS, KS, or DS? DS

Haus of Gloi His Sweater
Description: A well worn woolen sweater infused with brisk outdoor air, a hint of incense and clean skin musk. Accompanied by three woods and a root: western red cedar heartwood, hawthorn accord and Japanese hiba with a touch of calamus root.
Review: This is much closer to a sweater scent than some of the other fragrances I’ve tried that are named after cold weather apparel *cough*D&F Cardigan*cough*. The wool is musty without being gross, and I get strong incense, a hint of cedar, and that...stink (?) of outdoor air. You know how you can smell the outdoors on your clothes once you come inside, and it smells gross but also kinda good? That’s what I’m talking about. I’m waffling on this one because of the incense note.
Who do I imagine wearing this? Your friend who is too good for this world
FS, KS, or DS? KS for now

Nui Cobalt Favorite Sweater
Description: The perfect balance of cool and cozy. White oak and blonde teakwood, copal resin, crushed coriander, lamb's wool accord, a touch of creamy chai, and a spritz of green mandarin.
Review: Sweet, subtle, and smooth. This is a clean wool with a subtle chai, and honestly, most of the notes are blended so, so well that I can’t pick them out individually. Does this smell like a favorite sweater? Eh, maybe after wearing it after putting lotion on your body. It’s too nice for me to be salty, though.
Who do I imagine wearing this? Her messy bun looks better than your hair after coming back from the salon
FS, KS, or DS? KS for now

Poesie Blanket
Description: softest vanilla musk
Review: This kind of scent is 100% my jam. Boring, you say? Pshhht. This is skinlike, vanillic, subtle, and warm. It wears close to the skin and, after four or five hours, wears down to a light musk.
Who do I imagine wearing this? Someone who can make a bathrobe and bedhead look sexy
FS, KS, or DS? KS and got an Ajevie chonk to supplement

Poesie Cardigan
Description: creamy Mysore sandalwood spiced with cardamom pods & pimento berries, French vanilla, white chocolate, comforting sweater musk
Review: Lovely, soft, and warm. Cardigan is the perfect name for this scent. It reminds me of Blanket but more complex-- sort of a sweeter, woodier version of Blanket. Another scent it is close-ish to is Andromeda’s Curse’s Gryphon. This is a super wearable, feminine-leaning, subtle scent.
Who do I imagine wearing this? The women in L.L. Bean catalog photos standing on cabin steps with rustic flannel and immaculately beachy waves
FS, KS, or DS? KS

***THE WINNER IS...Poesie Cardigan but only by thismuch. Blanket and Favorite Sweater were right on its heels, and Cozy Blanket isn’t half bad either.**\*
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2020.11.26 16:17 Funkydirigidoo Are there any warrior monkhoods left to join?

I still lust for women but I've never gotten them easily and they're seldom worth the trouble, so they're easily avoided.
I'm too old to start a family. I've made my fortune, and I find myself preoccupied with the big questions these days. I still like being fit and spend hours on it daily.
I thought, hey, why not find fulfillment in being a warrior monk? I know this is still a viable existence in China and India, but I've been educated in the west and come out of a European intellectual tradition.
Are there any options in the west? Would I face racism in them as a non-white?
submitted by Funkydirigidoo to MGTOW2 [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 15:36 Petrusa The European Parliament is again joining the UN's Orange the World campaign to combat violence against women.

The European Parliament is again joining the UN's Orange the World campaign to combat violence against women. submitted by Petrusa to europeanparliament [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 14:24 Dry-Insurance-9846 A warning for women using Hinge in Europe // Ak Dios De Lisa // Ak // Jeremiah // Terceira Island

There is a man who is possibly faking military service as a “security forces officer” we met “Jeremiah” or “Ak Dios de Lisa” now going simply by “AK” on Hinge. This is what we know him as but, likely, Jeremiah isn’t his real name and he has other aliases. He presents as 29, Black American 6;5. We will add pictures to this hoping that if women reverse search it that they will come up. Or find this if they are looking for answers by searching the internet. Or by some miracle, you will find this post before possibly coming across him. What he will typically do is fish and set his location in various European cities. Once he finds someone he ”likes”, he will change the location. We have information that he has been active in London, Lisbon and Rotterdam.
He will tell you that ”it must be fate” that you matched despite the distance. Because how could we match if we were so far? He claims to be in Terceira Island on an army base, Portugal (claims to soon be in Italy). After communicating for a while on the hinge he will ask for your number. He will use a Portuguese disposable number to communicate with you via WhatsApp (you won't know this until it's too late). He will voice note you and message you “good morning gorgeous” every morning. He makes himself a part of your daily life. You think he's the emotionally available guy you've been waiting for. The constant voice noting between you makes you forget that you haven’t spoken to him on the phone. His voice matches his pictures (a Black American man).
You will have deep conversations, he will magically have the same wants and needs as you. It will feel very intense. He will not give you the space to think or pursue anyone else. It will feel like you’ve met the perfect person. This is very intentional and is called love bombing. He will only appear online when talking to you which is a huge red flag (he's using that number to talk to only you). You will make plans to see each other, he says he will come to wherever you are. This makes you feel at ease. Why would he be so eager to see you if he wasn't who he said he is? And the current pandemic makes it more understandable as to why your plans are on hold. You are curious so you Google his hinge name looking for social media and a Facebook profile pops up. It has a few comments and posts on there but overall it lacks personality and depth. You feel satisfied for now. He mentions that one day you should come to his house in Terceira Island very early on. He will mirror everything you think, feel and say, but he is smart enough to make sure he has his own opinions and respects yours. The communication becomes more serious and he is very intentional in subtly planting the idea in your head that there is a future for you both from the start. He will be the first to mention a relationship. He will be the first to mention meeting up. None us classed ourselves with being in a relationship with him but we definitely thought it was possible.
Once you develop and feel safe in your feelings for him over months he will ghost. No explanation. In one of our cases, he ghosted after she said she wanted to get to know him more. Another one told him that his name on her phone makes her smile. Myself, it was randomly after his usual good morning schtick. He will vanish from WhatsApp (not by blocking you, his profile is still there but he hasn’t been online for days). He will unmatch you on Hinge. It all comes to a crashing and abrupt end and you had no idea it was coming. All that time spent talking was a lie. You realise that his number was fake, and he probably wasn’t even using the real WhatsApp app. And you wonder how you could have been so careless because you didn't know this person at all.
Because we confronted him over Facebook he has deleted his profile. He has also retracted all photographs so that you will not be able to identify him because we said we would try and warn others. Luckily we have some saved so we will post them here. The man in these photos may not even be this person. It will just help you to know who he is going as. We have reverse searched exhaustively and these images seem to be originals. We are hoping that by sharing our story we can encourage women to be more vigilant about love bombing and online dating.
Luckily none of us sent him nudes and it only got as far as sexual talking over voice notes. Talk over the video, see some identification, make sure you ask for their social media (and that it has a personalised history), meet up before investing your emotions, reverse search images. Though we understand that this is easier said than done with hindsight and the constant love bombing will not give you room to think logically. In all of our cases, we just couldn't believe our luck.
You may have a gut feeling that something just isn’t quite right. Trust it. Do not doubt yourself. We just want to warn women to be more vigilant. Sometimes it’s not even about money, extortion and blackmail. Sometimes it’s just about providing someone with narcissistic supply.
Update unaware that it isn't possible to upload pictures without a 3rd party link.*
submitted by Dry-Insurance-9846 to hingeapp [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 11:57 StuckInABadDream I found an enlightening quote about how religions have outlived their usefulness in the 21st century

Basically they're excerpts from the book Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari:
"Islam, Christianity and other traditional religions are still important players in the world. Yet their role is now largely reactive. In the past, they were a creative force. Christianity, for example, spread the hitherto heretical idea that all humans are equal before God... Jesus went further, insisting that the meek and oppressed are God’s favourite people, thus turning the pyramid of power on its head, and providing ammunition for generations of revolutionaries.
...Christianity was responsible for important economic and technological innovations. The Catholic Church established medieval Europe’s most sophisticated administrative system, and pioneered the use of archives, catalogues, timetables and other techniques of data processing. The Vatican was the closest thing twelfth-century Europe had to Silicon Valley... the monasteries – which for 1,000 years spearheaded the European economy and introduced advanced agricultural and administrative methods. Monasteries were the first institutions to use clocks, and for centuries they and the cathedral schools were the most important learning centres of Europe, helping to found many of Europe’s first universities, such as Bologna, Oxford and Salamanca.
Today the Catholic Church continues to enjoy the loyalties and tithes of hundreds of millions of followers. Yet it and the other theist religions have long since turned from a creative into a reactive force. They are busy with rearguard holding operations... They now mostly agonise over the technologies, methods and ideas propagated by other movements. Biologists invent the contraceptive pill – and the Pope doesn’t know what to do about it. Computer scientists develop the Internet – and rabbis argue whether orthodox Jews should be allowed to surf it. Feminist thinkers call upon women to take possession of their bodies – and learned muftis debate how to confront such incendiary ideas.
...what was the most influential discovery, invention or creation of the twentieth century? That’s a difficult question, because it is hard to choose from a long list of candidates, including scientific discoveries such as antibiotics, technological inventions such as computers, and ideological creations such as feminism. Now ask yourself: what was the most influential discovery, invention or creation of traditional religions such as Islam and Christianity in the twentieth century? This too is a very difficult question, because there is so little to choose from. What did priests, rabbis and muftis discover in the twentieth century that can be mentioned in the same breath as antibiotics, computers or feminism? Having mulled over these two questions, from where do you think the big changes of the twenty-first century will emerge: from the Islamic State, or from Google? Yes, the Islamic State knows how to put videos on YouTube; but leaving aside the industry of torture, how many new start-ups have emerged from Syria or Iraq lately?
Billions of people, including many scientists, continue to use religious scriptures as a source of authority, but these texts are no longer a source of creativity. Think, for example, about the acceptance of gay marriage or female clergy by the more progressive branches of Christianity. Where did this acceptance originate? Not from reading the Bible, St Augustine or Martin Luther. Rather, it came from reading texts like Michel Foucault’s 'The History of Sexuality' or Donna Haraway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’. Yet Christian true-believers – however progressive – cannot admit to drawing their ethics from Foucault and Haraway. So they go back to the Bible, to St Augustine and to Martin Luther... They read page after page and story after story with the utmost attention, until they find what they need: some maxim, parable or ruling that if interpreted creatively enough means that God blesses gay marriages and that women can be ordained to the priesthood. They then pretend the idea originated in the Bible... The Bible is kept as a source of authority, even though it is no longer a true source of inspiration.
...Their scriptures don’t have anything to say about genetic engineering or artificial intelligence, and most priests, rabbis and muftis don’t understand the latest breakthroughs in biology and computer science. For if you want to understand these breakthroughs, you don’t have much choice – you need to spend time reading scientific articles and conducting lab experiments instead of memorising and debating ancient texts."
I think this eloquently shows how religion is pretty much irrelevant in our modern lives and we should abandon them altogether because they hold back human progress. Thoughts?
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